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Take Control of Seasonal Allergies, Naturally!

Seasonal allergies like pollen affect millions of people each year. As allergens travel fast and easily through the air, they’re nearly impossible to avoid. But don’t let pollen and other allergens keep you inside this year. Try these helpful ideas:
mother and daughter walking in field
• Check the local allergy forecast online before planning an event outdoors.
• Avoid being outside in early morning when pollen production peaks.
• Change your clothes and shower after coming in from outdoor activities.
• Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and reduce your exposure to allergens.
• Keep windows closed and set the air to re-circulate if you have air conditioning.
• Visit us for an adjustment to help your body handle the stress caused by the allergens.

Remember, chiropractic care makes it easier for your body to function, as it should. So, keep the sniffling to a minimum and get the most out of this year’s beautiful weather.

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