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Moore Chiropractic Center Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Moore Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

To Your Health,
Dr. Ken Moore

Patient Reviews

Help for Back Pain

“I suffered from severe back pain for over three years. In three visits with Dr. Moore I felt like a new man. The pain was gone and I got my life back.”
Buddy V. – Aubrey, Texas

Patient Reviews

Low Back Pain

“Before I came to Dr. Moore, I would wake up with low back pain that sometimes made it difficult to make it through the day. In the months, I have been seeing Dr. Moore, my pain has significantly decreased and I am able to enjoy some of the activities that I couldn’t before.”
David S. – Krum, Texas

Patient Reviews


“I had been having intermittent low back pain which intensified after working 12 hours shifts as an ICU nurse. I can honestly say I am PAIN FREE. I have now resumed an exercise class and one of my passions: riding my motorcycle.”
Carol J. – Lake Dallas, Texas

Patient Reviews

Great Chiropractor & Staff

“Dr. Moore is absolutely the right chiropractor for me because of his kind, caring attitude. He always listens to my complaints and responds appropriately. Dr. Ken Moore will always be my chiropractor of choice.”
Deborah Y. – Coppell, Texas

Would Recommend to Anyone

“Dr. Moore and his staff have the best customer service that I have ever experienced in a long time. The office staff is very warm and friendly. I came in, in pain and left feeling great. I never waited for any amount of time to be seen. He and his staff knew everyone by name when they walked in. Exceptional and would recommend to anyone. Thanks for taking great care of me. This is what you need when you don’t feel your best!”
Tiffany Scott, Texas

Patient Reviews

A Better Life After Chiropractic!

“After spending a decade unable to turn my head or participate in sports. I came to Dr. Moore and within a couple of months, I could turn my head, play golf, weight lift and live my life without meds. He changed my life for the better.”
Gary R. – Denton, Texas

Patient Reviews

Neck Pain

“I had no trust in chiropractors and then I ended up with a neck issue. I came to Dr. Moore’s office in tears because it hurt so bad. He resolved my issue.”
Brenda L. – Denton, Texas

Auto Accident

“I went to Dr. Moore after a car accident. During the first visit he gave me more information about my sleeping habits and what I could do to improve my back health than any other chiropractor I had previously visited. He gave me a straight forward answer and did not try to draw out the insurance process. He has not only helped withthe back trouble after the car accident, he also solved an issue that started with the soles of my feet. I thought it was because I started wearing steel toed shoes because of a new job. He informed me that it was because of a disc in my back. His facility has no wait time and a very professional and friendly staff.”
Jessica Collins, Texas

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